The EFF-6032B water filter cartridge for Panasonic fridges is a compatible Panasonic refrigerator water filter; is a replacement cartridge for Panasonic side-by-side refrigerators that have an internally fitted short-slim water filter; is tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standards 42;The EFF-6032B water filter reduces the next health related contaminants: 97.60% of Chlorine Taste and Odour; 98.70% of Particulates (Class I); 99.99% of Asbestos; 94.70% of Atrazine; 96.70% of Benzene; 98.00% of Carbofuran; 98.10% of Lindane; 99.70% of p-Dichlorobenzene; 93.00% of Toxaphene; 95.80% of 2,4-D; 99.99% of Cyst;The EFF-6032B water filter operating specifications are as follows: Glide Rate – 1.89 lpm; Operating Temperature – min 0.6°C / max 37.8°C; Operating Pressure – min 138 kPa (20 psi) / max 862 kPa (125 psi); Function – Chemical & Mechanical Reduction; Capacity – 757 litres;Necessary: Install on cold water line only. Change filter a minimum of each and every 6 months. When to change the filter: The filter cartridge will have to be replaced when the filter indicator light turns on or reaches 0 or each and every 6 months.;Necessary: It is very important that operation, maintenance and filter replacement be carried out according to manufacture’s advisable procedures and guidelines for this product to perform as advertised. Failure to take action may void warranty.