Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter for any Brand

Refrigerator water filters made by combination of mechanical & carbon filtration to capture water borne impurities before taken to glass. Refrigerator Water Filter removes harmful contaminants like lead, pesticides ,  cysts, mercury and others. Standard water filter remove chlorine taste, sediment and odor. Choose best Refrigerator water filter for your fridge that guaranteed for providing pure water.

Do refrigerator water filter has an expiration date?

Yes, There is an expiration date for any branded refrigerator water filter. Normally, you should replace your water filter every six months. You can change refrigerator water before six months to have safe and clean water for your family.

How to dispose a refrigerator water filter?

Just dry the old water filter by shaking off the excess water, place in a dry place for 3 days, wrap it into a grocery bag to drop it. You can mail it to recycle point near you.

What happens if do not replace water filter?  

If you do not change refrigerator water within six months it will pass water slowly.  The water will run slow and take long time to fill a glass. The main thing is that you are no longer receiving adequate protection from chemicals, heavy metals, or microbes; you are at risk for exposure to Arsenic, Asbestos, Cadmium, lead, Radium, Excessive chlorine and others.

Benefits of Refrigerator Water Filters


Refrigerator water filter has an excellent work for removing all kinds of impurities from your drinking water, including heavy metals and contaminants from pesticide to have safer drinking water.

Good Taste

Municipality uses some chemicals to water, can give you unpleasant taste to your drinking water, if they are too large of quantity, with a good refrigerator water filter, you can eliminate bad tastes and odors from your fresh drinking water.

Low cost

Refrigerator water filter are not so costly means of getting pure drinking water. A common refrigerator water filter can clean 500 gallons of water in it’s lifetime. It will almost certainly be less than the cost of buying the 500 gallons of bottled water.


Buying bottle water is quite wasteful, though you recycle the plastic, its need extra energy and time to make it reusable. Refrigerator water filter are more eco-friendly and you can fill your own cup and bottles.

How to replace your refrigerator water filter?

To replace your refrigerator water filter you should not pay someone else for the easy work. You can ensure your family drinking water clean without interruption.
1) Local refrigerator’s water filter, you will see it on the refrigerator grille at the base for most the branded fridge. It can be located on the back upper-right corner of the refrigerator. Normally, you will see a push button or knob that will release the water filter.
2) Push the button to remove the water filter smoothly. Depending on the types of water filter you can remove it in two ways, For quarter-turn cap models, unscrew the water filter by turning the filter counterclockwise, when the cap is in vertical position, and open it to remove the water filter. Slide the filter cap off the filter cartridge then put it in a safe place. You need to reuse the cap on the new refrigerator water filter.

For push button type cap, push the button next to filter cap; pull the filter to remove it. Turn it counterclockwise until it removes from the body of the refrigerator. Place the cap in a safe place to reuse it with new filter. There is water inside the filter, do not hold the water filter in an upright position.

3) Now, take out new refrigerator water filter from the box and replace old cartridge cap on it. For quarter-turn filter cap, Just slide it onto the new water filter. For push-button cap, align the cap and water filter, and twist the water filter cap until it adjusts into the place.
4) It’s time to replace refrigerator water filter and cap. For quarter-turn cap, place the cap in vertical position. Slide it into the filter hole. Be careful, do not over tighten the water filter. Turn the cap clockwise until it adjust into place. For push button cap, align the filter cap then insert it into the hole, After properly replacement of water filter, the eject button will pop up.
5) To remove any trace of carbon, run 3 to 4 gallons of water through the new water filter. This helps prevent refrigerator water dispenser from sputtering and clear the system.
6) Finally, place a small piece of masking tape on the outside of the refrigerator water filter and write the date you replaced the filter. If the Refrigerator has an indicator light then no need to place masking tape with date.
7) Reset the indicator light, just push the reset button few times or press it down for few seconds to reset the indicator light.


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