lead reduction Replacement water filter for LG 5231JA2006A refrigerator

Helps reduce chlorine taste and odor
Contains special additives which reduce lead
Compatible with LG 5231JA2006A and LT600P fridge filters at a fraction of the price

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The ClearChoice CLCH104-L filter out is used fridges by means of LG, Kenmore, and others. It’s designed to switch the manufacturing facility section # 5231JA2006A, LT600P and others. The CLCH104-L filter out makes use of complicated carbon block era to cut back chlorine style and scent. The filter out media additionally come with unique components with a purpose to scale back lead.Qualified to the NSF/ANSI 42 & 53 Usual for chlorine & lead relief.
Is helping scale back chlorine style and scent
Accommodates unique components which scale back lead
Suitable with LG 5231JA2006A and LT600P refrigerator filters at a fragment of the fee
Is helping scale back contaminants present in faucet water and improves its high quality
Made in the us Your acquire will lend a hand Make stronger American jobs


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