AQUALINK 4396508 Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with 4396508 4396510 EDR5RXD1, Filter 5, Kenmore 46-9010, PUR W10186668, NLC240V (Pack of 3) Price: $26.99 (as of 22/05/2024 05:15 PST- Details)

NSF Certification: Test and certified NSF42 by NSF International for ensuring water’s safety, nice tastes and quality
Amazing Material: 100% natural coconut shell effectively remove Chlorine, color, odor, Voc, THM’s and etc. Let you drinking healthy water and living healthy life
Easily Installed Method: Easy to install quickly and simply. No tools required. It can perfectly fit original filter without leak. Expiry date: 6 month or 300 gallon in one pack

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Support water, Support existence is at all times Aqualink’s imaginative and prescient plan.
We, Aqualink faithful ourselves to generating so much sensible and low-budget water filter out to be able to shut purer and brisker water. Ingesting great water, dwelling superb existence.

AQUALINK 4396508 Fridge Water Filter
Suitable with WHIRLPOOL
4396508, 4396508P, 4392857, 4392857R, 4396510, 4396510P, 4392922, 8212491, 2255520, SBS002, SBS003, SBS004, 481281729632, 4396918, 4396562, 4396563, 2200203, 2203220, 2203980, 2305766, 2305767, 2305768, 2255518, 2186444, PWF-NL240V, PNL240V, WF-NL240V, WFNL240V, NL240V, WF-NL240, WFNL240, NL240, WF-NL300, WFNL300, NL300, PWF-L400V, PL400V, WF-L400V, WFL400V, L400V, WF-L400, WFL400, L400, WF-L500, WFL500, L500, WF-300BR (filter out device that makes use of 4396508)

Substitute time: 6 month or 300 gallon in a single percent.
Please Be Mindful That That is A Suitable Spare Phase, The Producer`s Names, Phase Numbers Have Been Used For Compatibility Knowledge ONLY

Aqualink 4396508 is qualified by way of NSF.
Particularly Fashion 4396508 is authorized NSF 42 Take a look at. It’s Suitable with Whirlpool 4396508.

Simple to put in and no equipment required.
Completely Suits the unique Fridge water filter out with out leak.
NSF Certification: Take a look at and authorized NSF42 by way of NSF World for making sure water’s protection, great tastes and High quality
Superb Subject matter: one hundred% herbal coconut shell successfully get rid of Chlorine, colour, scent, Voc, THM’s and and so on. Permit you to Ingesting wholesome water and dwelling wholesome existence
Simply Put in Approach: Simple to put in briefly and easily. No equipment required. It may possibly Completely have compatibility authentic filter out with out leak. Expiry date: 6 month or 300 gallon in a single percent
Substitute Fashion: Suits 4396508, 4396508P, 4396508T, 4396509, 4396509P, 4396510, 4396510P, 4396510T, 4396547, 4396548, 4396562, 4396563, 4396918, 4392857, 4392857R, 4392922, 4396163, 4396164, 46 9902, 46 9908, 9902, NL240, WSW-1, KITCHENAID 4396547, 4396548, 4396163, 4396164, 2255709, 4396509, WATER SENTINEL WSL-2, PUR W10186668, Waterdrop 4396508, Icepue RWF0500A, OnePurify RFC0500A, Aqua Contemporary WF285 , Tier1 RWF1020, Transparent Selection CLCH100. No longer authentic
Robust High quality Ensure: 30days no reason why to go back for actually 0 possibility buying groceries. Well timed customer support for serving to you. You’ll be able to touch us right away

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