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Aqua Fresh Replacement Water Filter for Maytag MSD2351KES Refrigerators Price: $40.73 (as of 18/10/2021 09:48 PST- Details)

* EASY TO FIT: Designed to fit the original with Twist and lock Design. No tools required
* AFFORDABLE OPTION: Costs less than OEM filters without compromising any quality or flow rate
* CERTIFIED QUALITY: All Aquafresh Filters are tested and certified by IAPMO to NSF Standard 42 for Structural Integrity, Materials Safety, Chlorine taste, odor reduction and System performance. Quality you can taste!


Amana: WF50 WF51 WF50-NI300 WF50-KNI300 WF50-NI500 WF50-WI500 WF50-KWI500 Kenmore: forty six-9005 9005 9005P forty six-9006 9006 9006P 469992 9992 9992P 469005750 469005-750 469006750 4609005000 4609006000 Maytag: UKF8001 UKF8001AXX UKF8001-750 8001P UKF8001AXXP 67002269 67002671 67003523 67003526 67003527 67003528 67003591 67003727 67006474 67006637 12589201 12589203 12589206 12589208 12589210 KitchenAid: 4396395 8171032 8171249 Whirlpool: EDR4RXD1 Viking: RWFFR Suitable With Following Fridge Fashions: Amana: AFF2534FES AFD2535DEW ABB1921BRM AFD2535FES AFI2538AES AFD2535DES ABB2224BRM AFD2535DEB AFD2535DEQ AFI2538AEW ABB1924BRW ABB2224BRW ASD2620HRW ARB2557CSR ARSE66ZBS ABB1924BRM AFI2538AEB AFI2538AES4 DRS2660BW AFI2538AEQ AFI2539ERM01 ABB1921BRB ARB8057CSL AFI2539ERM00 ARS8265BS ABB1924BRB ARB8057CSR Jenn-Air: JFC2089BEM JFC2290REM JFC2290REP JFC2089BEP JFC2089WEM JFC2290RTB JFC2290VEM JS42NXFXDW JFC2290REY JFI2089AEP JFC2290VEP JFC2290VPY JFI2089WES JFC2089BE JFC2089BPSS JFC2089BSS JFC2290R JFC2290REPSS JFC2290RESS JFC2290REX JFC2290REYBK JFC2290VTB JFI2089AE JFI2089PSS JFI2089W JFI2089WSS JFI2089WTS JFX2597AEM JFX2597AEP Kenmore: 50009 50002 72019 57006 50014 72012 50012 72002 76522 78572 50003 77539 50004 76574 78586 79549 78589 78574 77532 78332 57003 78539 50013 76533 78573 57012 58632 76539 Maytag: MFI2568AES MFI2569VEM2 MFI2569VEM4 MFI2568AEB MFI2568AEW MFI2269VEM10 MSD2651HEW MFI2569VEM1 MFI2569VEW1 MFI2269VEM3 MFI2569VEB3 MFD2561HES MFD2560HES MFI2067AES MSD2651KES MSD2641KEB MFI2269VEM2 MSD2651HES MFI2569VEQ1 MFI2269VEW1 MFI2569VEB2 MSD2351HEW MZD2665HEB MZD2665HES MZD2665HEW PSD262LHEZ MSD2651HEB MFD2561HEW KitchenAid: KRFC300ESS KRFC302ESS KRFF305ESS KRFF302ESS KRFC302EPA KFIS25XVMS9 KFIS25XVMS2 KFIS25XVMS1 KFIS20XVMS2 KRBR109ESS KRFC300EWH KRBL109ESS KRBR102ESS KBFS20EVMS13 KRBX109EWH KFXS25RYMS2 KRFC302EBS KRFC300EBS KFIS20XVMS1 KRFF305EBS KF
* EASY TO FIT: Designed to suit the unique with Twist and lock Layout. No equipment required
* AFFORDABLE OPTION: Prices not up to OEM filters with out compromising any High quality or drift charge
* CERTIFIED QUALITY: All Aquafresh Filters are examined and authorized through IAPMO to NSF Same old 42 for Structural Integrity, Fabrics Protection, Chlorine style, smell relief and Device efficiency. High quality you’ll style!
* HIGH EFFICIENCY FILTRATION: Activated carbon blocks qualified to make sure contaminant relief for 300 Gallons Or 6 Months, relying On Water Utilization And High quality
* FITS: Amana OWF50, OWF51, Sears/Kenmore forty six-9005, forty six-9006, forty six-9992, Maytag UKF8001, Whirlpool EDR4RXD1, KitchenAid 4396395, 8171032, Viking RWFFR (See product description under for whole checklist of Suitable Fashions)

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