FilterCor (FCP50R20P) 20″x2.5″ String Wound PolyPropylene Sediment 50 Micron Filter

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FilterCor’s wound cartridge filters provide true depth filtration, high dirt holding capacity, and extremely low media migration. They’re a very good, one-piece cartridge manufactured the use of a high speed, continuous wind process, and are to be had in all kinds of porosities. Especially significant is the availability of filters in an almost endless combination of media and core material, to take care of virtually any chemical and/or environment or temperature. Really useful for concentrated acids and alkalis, strong oxidizing agents, corrosive fluids and gases. FDA and Non-FDA to be had – consult factory. Easily incinerated to track of ash. Very good micro-organism resistance. To be used to120�F. APPLICATIONS Mineral acids Organic solvents Zinc chloride Caustic soda Ferric hydroxide Plating solutions Ethyl alcohol Animal, petroleum, and vegetable oils Oxidizing agents Alkalis Organic acids Potable water Demineralized water Photographic solutions Pre-membrane filtration Specifications: Dimensions: 20″ x 2.5″

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