With many people putting gas and refrigeration in their home, kegerators have become more popular than ever. [read more]With so many new models to choose from, what’s the best choice for your home? I’ve compiled a list of kegerators for sale to give you some ideas.


For those who are seeking a space saving design, dual tap kegerators are perfect. This type of generator is perfect for single or double faucets. This new style was designed to fit the smallest spaces possible while still being able to fulfill all the needs of the consumer. Dual tap kegerators are manufactured with precision to fit any size of kitchen.

Dual tap kegerators make cleaning the system a breeze. No need to empty a keg to remove a stuck strainer or empty a can to flip it upside down. It’s a matter of turning the tap on and off as needed.

For the busy chef who wants to ensure that his or her food is fresh and every last bit of fresh ingredients are used, single tap kegerators will do the trick. They are compact and simple to use with one faucet for filling the keg, one faucet for bottling and another faucet for dispensing your beer.

The newest addition to the market of kegerators & beer dispensers undercounter is the brand EKG. EKG makes only the finest quality products available and are a great choice for busy cooks, students and other busy people. They are space savers yet offer the best in convenience, and at an affordable price.

Whether you are looking for a generator for your home bar or a gas bar, there is an EKG electric drink dispenser available for you. These wonderful drinks keep your beverages cold, cold and fresh, no matter what type of event you are hosting. There is also a dual tap model available to meet any need.

The space saver dual tap kegerator is a great product to have in your home bar. No more flipping the tap around to get the right amount of beer. A nice addition to any kitchen or pantry area, this style keeps the fridge stocked with your favorite cold drinks for any day of the week.

Another popular kegerator is the West Germany kegerator. It’s shaped like a beer keg, so you know it can hold anything you can imagine. This model can hold an unlimited amount of beer, so if you are going to be throwing parties, kegs are a must. Not only can you use this generator for serving, but you can also use it to store water.

Stainless steel kegerators are also a great product to look for. For people who are looking for an economical and easy to clean model, stainless steel models are the perfect choice. Even the standard styles can be cleaned using the best anti-fungus cleaning agent, so they will last for years.

In addition to beer dispenser, beer kegerators are ideal for wine and liquor dispensing. Everyone likes to save money when they can, but don’t sacrifice quality and durability for a few dollars. Of course, not all products for dispensing are good, but some products do work very well.

For instance, there is a Dual Tap generator with two faucets. With this particular model, there is room for six to eight bottles of wine, as well as six bottles of beer or six bottles of wine. The dual tap is ideal for families who want to save space while enjoying a night of drinking fun!

There are so many choices for a great, efficient generator to keep your home bar running smoothly. And who knows, perhaps you might be searching for a generator that handles half barrell and the barrel kegs in the near future.

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