How to replace Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter?

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How to replace Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter?

Changing a fridge’s water filter is a typical step in fridge upkeep. Many older models have the filters behind or under the fridge and are linked on to the water line. However newer models usually preserve the cartridge contained in the fridge for simpler alternative. Order Whirlpool OEM Half #EDR4RXD1 and observe these steps:

  • Open the recent meals door and find the water filter cowl. When you open the right-hand door, this can be positioned on the proper rear of the ceiling subsequent to the central mild. You may also wish to take away any meals saved on the highest shelf, as water may spill through the half alternative. Nevertheless, the quantity of water is not going to be important and also you don’t have to show off the water connection itself.


  • Take away the duvet. Press the entrance tab to launch the duvet after which tilt the plastic cowl down to reveal the filter.

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  • Take away the previous water filter. Rotate the cartridge counterclockwise roughly a half flip till you are feeling it loosen from the filter housing, then take away it from the fridge. Some water will leak out, so wipe it up and place the previous filter on the fridge shelf till it stops dripping.


  • Set up the brand new filter. One finish of the cylinder may have a deep round despair, normally coloured blue. Press that finish into the filter housing and rotate it clockwise till it locks into place. Don’t overtighten the filter.
    Shut the filter cowl by clicking it again into place.


  • Many water filters aren’t changed till they’ve entered the crimson ‘warning’ stage. Run at the least one gallon of water by means of the fridge, although many fashions advocate 5 gallons, so that you flush out any loosened contaminants and flush the brand new filter. There ought to be no chemical aftertaste.
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