Waterdrop 5231JA2006A NSF 42 Certified Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with LG LT600P, 5231JA2006A, 5231JA2006B, Kenmore 9990, 5231JA2006E, 5231JA2006F, 469990, 46-9990, Pack of 3

Home/Waterdrop water filter/Waterdrop 5231JA2006A NSF 42 Certified Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with LG LT600P, 5231JA2006A, 5231JA2006B, Kenmore 9990, 5231JA2006E, 5231JA2006F, 469990, 46-9990, Pack of 3

Waterdrop 5231JA2006A NSF 42 Certified Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with LG LT600P, 5231JA2006A, 5231JA2006B, Kenmore 9990, 5231JA2006E, 5231JA2006F, 469990, 46-9990, Pack of 3

NSF 42 CERTIFIED: Reduces chlorine, taste and odor to deliver clean water that tastes refreshing like mountain spring water
NSF 372 CERTIFIED: Lead-free material gives total protection to you and your family
FILTER LIFE: Enjoy 6 months or 300 gallons of clean, great-tasting water straight from your own fridge


Meet New Waterdrop Standard

The Same old Series

One of the few Manufacturers that experience completed the NSF 42 Gadget Certification 


Your Wishes, Our Priority

Water high quality varies very much from one area to any other. Additionally, folks making an attempt to deal with particular well being issues would possibly require other filtration answers. In such instances, one peculiar Clear out won’t fulfill your different and important Wishes. Due to this fact, we frequently analysis and increase leading edge applied sciences to supply filters with other results, after which release 3 collection in this case: Waterdrop Standard, Waterdrop Advanced and Waterdrop Plus, to easiest fit your filtration Wishes. We attempt tougher and struggle to come up with purifier and fitter water in one of the best approach.


We consider consuming blank water is the elemental human rights, so we’re dedicated to handing over blank water to everybody. At the side of The Water Challenge, we’re making an investment in higher sanitation in colleges in Africa to provide kids a greater long term. Each time you purchase one Clear out, one kid gets at some point provide of fresh water. Until now, hundreds of scholars and households are taking advantage of this Challenge, playing blank and protected water.


Difference among NSF 42 Element Certification and NSF 42 Gadget Certification:

Waterdrop Filters: NSF 42 Qualified System

Waterdrop LT600P filters are Qualified as Gadget to NSF 42 for the reduction of Chlorine, Style and Odor.


Most Manufacturers: NSF 42 Qualified Component

Most Manufacturers in Clear out marketplace are Qualified simplest as elements for material protection and structural integrity with out licensed declare.


– Lead Unfastened Material:

The filters are examined and licensed by way of NSF World towards NSF 372 for lead Unfastened.


– Clear out Existence:

To reach superior efficiency, it is strongly recommended to exchange the Clear out Each 6 months or 300 gallons, whichever comes first.


Compatible Fridge Models:

LFD21860ST, LFD21860SW, LFD21870ST, LFD22860SB, LFD22860ST, LFD22860SW, LFD22860TT, LFD23860ST, LFD23860SW, LFD25860SB, LFD25860ST, LFD25860SW, LFD25860TT, LFD25870ST, LFX21960ST, LFX21971ST, LFX21975ST, LFX21980ST, LFX23961SB, LFX23961ST, LFX23961SW, LFX23965SB, LFX23965ST, LFX23965SW, LFX25950SB, LFX25950SW, LFX25950TT, LFX25960SB, LFX25960ST, LFX25960SW, LFX25960TT, LFX25961AL, LFX25961SB, LFX25961ST, LFX25961SW, LFX25971SB, LFX25971ST, LFX25971SW, LFX25975SB, LFX25975ST, LFX25975SW, LFX25980ST, LFX28977SB, LFX28977ST, LFX28977SW, LMX219781ST, LMX21981ST, LMX21984ST, LMX25981SB, LMX25981ST, LMX25981SW, LMX25984SB, LMX25984ST, LMX25984SW, LMX25985SB, LMX25985ST, LMX25985SW, LMX28983ST, LMX28987ST, LRDC20731WW, LRFC21760ST, LRFC21760SW, LRFC25760ST, LRFD21855ST, LRFD22850SB, LRFD22850ST, LRFD22850SW, LRFD22850TT, LRFD25850SB, LRFD25850ST, LRFD25850SW, LRFD25850TT, LRFD25850WW, LRSC26910SW, LRSC26912SW, LRSC26912TT, LRSC26915SB, LRSC26915SW, LRSC26915TT, LRSC26920TT, LRSC26922TT, LRSC26923SW, LRSC26923TT, LRSC26925SW, LRSC26925TT, LRSC26940SB, LRSC26940ST, LRSC26940SW, LRSC26940TT, LRSC26941SB, LRSC26941ST, LRSC26941SW, LRSC26944SW, LRSC26950ST, LSC24971ST, LSC26945SW, LSC26945TT, LSC27918ST, LSC27918SW, LSC27926SB, LSC27926ST, LSC27926SW, LSC27926TT, LSC27931SB, LSC27931ST, LSC27931SW, LSC27935SB, LSC27935ST, LSC27935SW, LSC27937SB, LSC27937ST, LSC27937SW, LSC27950SB, LSC27950ST, LSC27950SW, LSC27970ST, LSC27990TT, LSC27991TT, LSFX213ST, LSMX214ST, LSSC243ST


– one hundred% Pleasure Ensure:

We are devoted to offering most sensible-high quality filters which completely have compatibility the unique with out leak. Your comments issues, so you probably have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


NSF 42 CERTIFIED: Reduces chlorine, Style and scent to ship blank water that tastes fresh like mountain spring water
NSF 372 CERTIFIED: Lead-Unfastened subject material provides overall coverage to you and your circle of relatives
FILTER LIFE: Experience 6 months or 300 gallons of fresh, nice-tasting water instantly from your individual refrigerator
GOOD MATCH: Leak-evidence era permits for exact have compatibility with out water leaks. Correct and simple layout makes set up simple with out equipment required
COST-EFFECTIVE: Options the similar nice high quality as authentic Clear out at a fragment of the fee
NO-WORRY GUARANTEE: 30-day unconditional cash-again Ensure guarantees chance-Unfastened revel in
ECO-FRIENDLY PRACTICE: Makes use of renewable coconut shells because the uncooked subject material for a greater international
FOR DIFFERENT NEEDS: Waterdrop introduced Same old, Complicated and Plus filters one after the other to deal with other water issues. You may also make a selection the suitable one in response to your water high quality.
REPLACEMENT MODELS: LG LT600P, 5231JA2005A, 5231JA2005A-S, 5231JA2006, 5231JA2006A, 5231JA2006A-S, 5231JA2006B, 5231JA2006B-S, 5231JA2006E, 5231JA2006F, 5231JA2006F-S, 5231JA2006H, 5231JJ2001C, kenmore forty six-9990, 9990, CLS30320001
REPLACEMENT: ICEPURE RWF1000A, Refresh R-9990, OnePurify RFC1000A, Waterfall Clear out RFC-1000A, Dista DWF-10, Golden Icepure RFC1000A, EXCELPURE EP-LT600P, Aqua Recent WF600, PerfectPure PP1004, Tier1 RWF1051. Waterdrop is an impartial emblem.