Waterdrop 5231JA2006A NSF 53&42 Certified Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with LG LT600P, 5231JA2006A, 5231JA2006B, Kenmore 9990, 5231JA2006E, 5231JA2006F, 469990, 46-9990, Reduces Lead Price:  Original price was: $15.99.Current price is: $14.99. (as of 22/05/2024 04:51 PST- Details)

NSF 53 CERTIFIED: Reduces specific health-related contaminants for cleaner water: 99.6% of Lead, 99.99% of Cyst, 96.6% of Benzene, 98.4% of Carbofuran, 96.6% of Endrin
NSF 42 CERTIFIED: Reduces 97% of Chlorine, taste and odor for great-tasting water that stimulates your palate
NSF 372 CERTIFIED: Made of lead-free material for worry-free drinking experience



Meet Waterdrop Advanced

NSF 53 Qualified for well being effects


Your Wishes, Our Priority

Water high quality varies very much from one area to every other. Additionally, people making an attempt to deal with explicit well being problems would possibly require other filtration answers. In such circumstances, one extraordinary Filter out would possibly not fulfill your unique and important Wishes. Due to this fact, we incessantly analysis and enhance leading edge applied sciences to supply filters with other results, after which release 3 collection as a consequence: Waterdrop Standard, Waterdrop Advanced and Waterdrop Plus, to best possible fit your filtration Wishes. We strive more difficult and struggle to come up with cleanser and fitter water in among the best method.

We imagine consuming blank water is the elemental human rights, so we’re devoted to turning in blank water to everybody. Along with The Water Challenge, we’re making an investment in higher sanitation in colleges in Africa to provide youngsters a greater long run. Each time you purchase one Filter out, one kid gets in the future provide of unpolluted water. Until now, heaps of scholars and households are taking advantage of this Challenge, playing blank and secure water.

– NSF 53 & 42 Qualified:

Waterdrop Complicated LT600P filters are examined and authorized by way of NSF World against NSF 53 for the reduction of health-comparable contaminants together with Lead, Cyst, Benzene, Carbofuran and Endrin, and towards NSF 42 for classy results by way of lowering Chlorine, Style and Smell.

– Lead Unfastened Material:

The filters are examined and authorized by way of NSF World towards NSF 372 for lead Unfastened.


Compatible Fridge Water Filter out Models:

LT600P, LT600P-B, LT600PC, 9990, 9990P, 469990, 4609990000, 04609990000, 04609990000P, forty six-9990, 5231JA2005A, 5231JA2005A-S, 5231JA2006, 5231JA2006A, 5231JA2006A/B, 5231JA2006A-S, 5231JA2006B, 5231JA2006B-S, 5231JA2006E, 5231JA2006F, 5231JA2006F-S, 5231JA2006H, 5231JJ2001C, CLS30320001

Compatible Fridge Models:

LFD21860ST, LFD21860SW, LFD21870ST, LFD22860SB, LFD22860ST, LFD22860SW, LFD22860TT, LFD23860ST, LFD23860SW, LFD25860SB, LFD25860ST, LFD25860SW, LFD25860TT, LFD25870ST, LFX21960ST, LFX21971ST, LFX21975ST, LFX21980ST, LFX23961SB, LFX23961ST, LFX23961SW, LFX23965SB, LFX23965ST, LFX23965SW, LFX25950SB, LFX25950SW, LFX25950TT, LFX25960SB, LFX25960ST, LFX25960SW, LFX25960TT, LFX25961AL, LFX25961SB, LFX25961ST, LFX25961SW, LFX25971SB, LFX25971ST, LFX25971SW, LFX25975SB, LFX25975ST, LFX25975SW, LFX25980ST, LFX28977SB, LFX28977ST, LFX28977SW, LMX219781ST, LMX21981ST, LMX21984ST, LMX25981SB, LMX25981ST, LMX25981SW, LMX25984SB, LMX25984ST, LMX25984SW, LMX25985SB, LMX25985ST, LMX25985SW, LMX28983ST, LMX28987ST, LRDC20731WW, LRFC21760ST, LRFC21760SW, LRFC25760ST, LRFD21855ST, LRFD22850SB, LRFD22850ST, LRFD22850SW, LRFD22850TT, LRFD25850SB, LRFD25850ST, LRFD25850SW, LRFD25850TT, LRFD25850WW, LRSC26910SW, LRSC26912SW, LRSC26912TT, LRSC26915SB, LRSC26915SW, LRSC26915TT, LRSC26920TT, LRSC26922TT, LRSC26923SW, LRSC26923TT, LRSC26925SW, LRSC26925TT, LRSC26940SB, LRSC26940ST, LRSC26940SW, LRSC26940TT, LRSC26941SB, LRSC26941ST, LRSC26941SW, LRSC26944SW, LRSC26950ST, LSC24971ST, LSC26945SW, LSC26945TT, LSC27918ST, LSC27918SW, LSC27926SB, LSC27926ST, LSC27926SW, LSC27926TT, LSC27931SB, LSC27931ST, LSC27931SW, LSC27935SB, LSC27935ST, LSC27935SW, LSC27937SB, LSC27937ST, LSC27937SW, LSC27950SB, LSC27950ST, LSC27950SW, LSC27970ST, LSC27990TT, LSC27991TT, LSFX213ST, LSMX214ST, LSSC243ST

NSF 53 CERTIFIED: Reduces explicit well being-comparable contaminants for cleanser water: 99.6% of Lead, 99.ninety nine% of Cyst, 96.6% of Benzene, 98.four% of Carbofuran, 96.6% of Endrin
NSF 42 CERTIFIED: Reduces ninety seven% of Chlorine, Style and Smell for nice-tasting water that stimulates your palate
NSF 372 CERTIFIED: Made from lead-Unfastened subject matter for concern-Unfastened consuming enjoy
REPLACEMENT MODELS: LG LT600P, 5231JA2005A, 5231JA2005A-S, 5231JA2006, 5231JA2006A, 5231JA2006A-S, 5231JA2006B, 5231JA2006B-S, 5231JA2006E, 5231JA2006F, 5231JA2006F-S, 5231JA2006H, 5231JJ2001C, kenmore forty six-9990, 9990, CLS30320001
REPLACEMENT: ICEPURE RWF1000A, Refresh R-9990, OnePurify RFC1000A, Waterfall Filter out RFC-1000A, Dista DWF-10, Golden Icepure RFC1000A, EXCELPURE EP-LT600P, Aqua Recent WF600, PerfectPure PP1004, Tier1 RWF1051. Waterdrop is an unbiased logo.
TWIST AND LOCK DESIGN: Easy layout for simple, device-Unfastened, no-mess Filter out substitute
RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: Skilled customer support group stands by way of on your any query in a well timed method
ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Created from renewable Activated Coconut Carbon Filter out Media for a sustainable international
FILTER LIFE: Designed to offer as much as 6 months or 300 gallons of fresh water
LEAK-FREE FIT: Precision engineered for best possible are compatible with out water leaks

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