WATEN H2o 4396841 4396710 Refrigerator Water Filter Cap Replacement,Compatible with Water Filter 3, EDR3RXD1,Kenmore 46-9030 Kenmore 46-9083-(3-Pack)

Efficient Filtration: Featured with 0.5 micron small pore size, the premium coconut shell carbon block filters are capture certain heavy metals, microbes, VOCs, trace pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals.
Compatible Models: Certified to fit your Kenmore Water Filter Replacement: Certified to compatible with following refrigerator models – KENMORE 9083 Water Filter, KENMORE 46-9083 Water Filter, KENMORE 9030 Water Filter, KENMORE 46-9030 Water Filter, KENMORE 9020 Water Filter, KENMORE 9020B Water Filter.
Perfectly fits: Offers a precise, leak-proof fit, tool-free, no-mess ge refrigerator water filter replacement. Approved and tested by WQA, the USA Water Qualification Association, Using only high-grade coconut carbon blocks to absorb bad containment.

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Environment friendly Filtration: Featured with 0.5 micron small pore measurement, the top rate coconut shell carbon block filters are seize positive heavy metals, microbes, VOCs, hint prescription drugs and commercial chemical substances.
Suitable Fashions: Qualified to suit your Kenmore Water Clear out Alternative: Qualified to Suitable with following fridge Fashions – KENMORE 9083 Water Clear out, KENMORE forty six-9083 Water Clear out, KENMORE 9030 Water Clear out, KENMORE forty six-9030 Water Clear out, KENMORE 9020 Water Clear out, KENMORE 9020B Water Clear out.
Completely suits: Provides an exact, leak-evidence have compatibility, software-unfastened, no-mess ge fridge water Clear out Alternative. Licensed and examined Through WQA, the united states Water Qualification Affiliation, The use of most effective prime-grade coconut carbon blocks to soak up unhealthy containment.
TASTES GREAT: Through leaving doubtlessly wholesome, a good option minerals even as getting rid of chlorine, different chemical substances and contaminants, supplies cleanser, brisker water Through lowering impurities.
AFTER-SALE GUARANTEE: If you’re unhappy with WATEN H2o, please touch us instantly, We can supply another and entire refund. We simply wish to assist you to like it, that is WATEN H2o’s function.

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