Swift Pharmaceutical Water Filter(SGF Rx) Maytag UKF-8001 Compatible Refrigerator Water, Swift Green Filters, 2pack, SGF-M9 Rx, 2 Piece

Reduces pharmaceuticals, chlorine taste odor (CTO), volatile organic compounds (VOC), cyst, atrazine, asbestos, mercury, and lead.
By Americans for Americans. Made in USA. Buyers beware of counterfeiters, always buy from a Swift Green Filters authorized dealer or distributor.
High-quality, eco-friendly water filter(s) produced by the leading brand in environmentally friendly water filter products



The Speedy Inexperienced clear out’s SGF-M9 Rx pharmaceutical water clear out is a suitable substitute offering contemporary, blank, and nice tasting consuming water. This Fine quality clear out reduces – pharmaceutical, risky natural compounds (VOC), chlorine style & scent (CTO), lead and cysts (ninety nine%). our filters are made with activated carbon produced the use of a brand new generation that carbonizes dried coconut shells. Coconut carbon is awesome to different resources of activated carbon. It has 50% extra micro-pores for shooting contaminants. For more info, please talk over with the Speedy Inexperienced filters site. Amendment clear out frequency: each four-6 months.
Reduces prescription drugs, chlorine style scent (CTO), risky natural compounds (VOC), cyst, atrazine, asbestos, mercury, and lead.
Through American citizens for American citizens. Made in USA. Consumers watch out for counterfeiters, all the time purchase from a Speedy Inexperienced Filters licensed broker or distributor.
Fine quality, eco-pleasant water clear out(s) produced Through the prime emblem in environmentally pleasant water clear out merchandise
Produced the use of coconut carbon, which comprises 50% extra micropores for lowering contaminants, offering cleanser, more healthy, and higher-tasting consuming water
Certification: WQA Gold Seal qualified consistent with ANSI 42 same old for subject matter necessities


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