The Shelco BFS Series stainless-steel fluid / water filter out bag housings can accommodate drift rates of 180 GPM. This stainless-steel filter out is designed for industrial and commercial filtration needs. This liquid filter out is terribly rugged and able to 150 psi @ 300F. The unit is manufactured by Shelco Filters Middletown, Ct. Made in the united statesA. Bag change is simple as the unit is supplied with a band clamp, 1/8 inch perforated stainless-steel basket and drain ports. BFS-1C and BFS-2C are constructed of 304L stainless-steel. Shelco model BFS-2C – 180 GPM selection requires one #2 bag. Side inlet / bottom outlet 2 inch FNPT. Contact us straight away if your application requires other configuration options (swing bolt closure or high temperature viton gasket, and so forth. 877-553-3698).