Pureza WF2CB Water Filter – Compatible with Pure Source 2 Water Filter, WF2CB, NGFC2000, FC100, Kenmore 469911, 469916, 2 Pack

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Pureza WF2CB Water Filter – Compatible with Pure Source 2 Water Filter, WF2CB, NGFC2000, FC100, Kenmore 469911, 469916, 2 Pack

Amazon.com Price: $22.99 (as of 23/09/2020 00:44 PST- Details)

Premium Filtration: Pureza wf2cb water filter is designed to avoid water leakage and reduce harmful containment in water.
NSF Certified: Pureza wf2cb refrigerator water filter is tested and certified by NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for chlorine, bad taste and odor reduction.
Compatible Filter Model: wf2cb water filter, fc100 water filter, fc 100 water filter, fc-100 water filter, PureSource2 water filter, Pure Source 2 water filter, NGFC 2000 water filter, NGFC2000 water filter, NGFC-2000 water filter, EWF2CBPA water filter, EFF-6029A water filter, WP2CBMB water filter, MB-100 water filter, 1004-42-FA water filter, Kenmore 9911 water filter, Kenmore 9916 water filter, Kenmore 9916P water filter, Kenmore 46-9916 water filter, Kenmore 469916 water filter, etc.


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Compatible Clear out Fashion / Section Numbers: 
FC100, FC-one hundred, FC 100
MB100, MB-one hundred, MB 100, PS503621, PS1148409, PS898865, PureSource MB
218732308, 218732309, 218732309A, 218732309B, 218732309C, 218732309D, 218732309E, 218732309F, 218732309G
240396401, 240396402, 240396403, 240396404, 240396405, 240396406, 240396701, 240508034, 241968501, 241968503,
69625-CT-001, 76080000

Compatible Section Numbers:
241527301, 218732310

Compatible Sears / Kenmore:
46-9911, 469911, 9911, 9911P, 04609911000
46-9916, 469916, 9916, 9916P, 04609916000

About after – gross sales service
We focal point on High quality and repair, when you have any query please touch us with out hesitate.
More environmentally pleasant manner of ingesting water To scale back using plastic water bottles, we will paintings in combination for a greater atmosphere.
Top class Filtration: Pureza wf2cb water Clear out is designed to steer clear of water leakage and scale back damaging containment in water.
NSF Qualified: Pureza wf2cb fridge water Clear out is examined and licensed by means of NSF/ANSI Same old 42 for chlorine, dangerous style and smell relief.
Suitable Clear out Fashion: wf2cb water Clear out, fc100 water Clear out, fc 100 water Clear out, fc-one hundred water Clear out, PureSource2 water Clear out, Natural Supply 2 water Clear out, NGFC 2000 water Clear out, NGFC2000 water Clear out, NGFC-2000 water Clear out, EWF2CBPA water Clear out, EFF-6029A water Clear out, WP2CBMB water Clear out, MB-one hundred water Clear out, 1004-forty two-FA water Clear out, Kenmore 9911 water Clear out, Kenmore 9916 water Clear out, Kenmore 9916P water Clear out, Kenmore forty six-9916 water Clear out, Kenmore 469916 water Clear out, and so forth.
Six-month Clear out Existence: For higher filtration, it is strongly recommended to exchange your wf2cb water Clear out each 6 months or 300 gallons.
Detachable panel: If the spout isn’t in the proper place right through deploy, the panel may also be got rid of and put in in opposite.

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