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NSF 42 – Filters meeting NSF 42 are certified to reduce aesthetic impurities, such as chlorine and unpleasant tastes/odors.
Get better tasting water and ice
Manufacture suggest replacing refrigerator water filters every 3-6 months



FILTER FEATURES: Not pricey choice to pricey substitutes Supplies blank, transparent water that appears and tastes nice Will put off or scale back Chlorine, Tastes and Odors that can be provide for your ingesting water Designed to offer as much as six months of Lifestyles or 300 gallons Does no longer put off minerals that could be really helpful to well being The one fridge clear out to incorporate an accompanying tube of unique o-ring lubricant to verify a leak-unfastened seal! This clear out will have to no longer be used with water that may be microbiologically risky or of unknown high quality, with out ok disinfection sooner than and or after the clear out. This clear out has been examined by means of a third birthday party towards ANSI/NSF Same old 42 for the relief of Chlorine, Tastes and Odors. Drift Charge: .5 gpm/1.9 lpm Working Temperature: 33 – 100F (zero.6C – 38C) Min Working Power: 30 psi – (207 kPa) Max Working Power: 100 psi – (689 kPa) Lifestyles: 6 months or 300 gallons (1,136 liters) Suitable For: RF28K9070SR RF28K9380SG RF28K9380SR RF28K9580SG RF28K9580SR RF28M9580SG RF28M9580SR RF30HBEDBSR RF30HDEDTSR RF30KMEDBSG RF30KMEDBSR RF31FMEDBBC RF31FMEDBSR RF31FMEDBWW RF31FMESBSR RF323TEDBBC RF323TEDBSR RF323TEDBWW RF32FMQDBSR RF32FMQDBXW RF34H9950S4 RF34H9960S4 RF4267HABP RF4267HARS RF4267HAWP RF4287HABP RF4287HARS RF4287HARS/XAA RF4287HARSXAA RF4287HAWP RF4289HARS RF6296HD RFG293HABP RFG296HDBP RFG296HDRS RFG296HDWP RFG297HDBP RFG297HDPN RFG297HDRS RFG297HDWP RFG298HDBP RFG298HDPN RFG298HDRS RFG298HDWP RFG29PHDBP RFG29PHDPN RFG29PHDRS RFG29PHDWP RH22H9010SG RH22H9010SR RH25H5611BC RH25H5611SG RH25H5611SR RH25H5611WW RH29H8000SR RH29H9000SR RH30H9500SR RS25H5000BC RS25H5000SR RS25H5000WW RS25H5111BC RS25H5111SG RS25H5111SR RS25H5111WW RS25H5121BC RS25H5121SR RS25H5121WW RS25J500DBC RS25J500DSG RS25J500DSR RS25J500DWW RS261 RS261MDBP RS261MDRS RS261MDWP RS263TDBP RS263TDRS RS263TDWP RS265 RS265TDBP RS265TDRS RS265TDWP RS267TDBP RS267TDPN RS267TDRS RS267TDWP RSG307AARS
NSF 42 – Filters assembly NSF 42 are qualified to scale back aesthetic impurities, corresponding to chlorine and ugly tastes/odors.
Recover tasting water and ice
Manufacture recommend changing fridge water filters each three-6 months
Top rate water filters and an affordable worth
Suitable with Samsung and lots of different manufacturers

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