New Replacement DA29-00003G DA2900003G Water Filter Fit/For Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

NSF 42 – Filters meeting NSF 42 are certified to reduce aesthetic impurities, such as chlorine and unpleasant tastes/odors.
Get better tasting water and ice
Manufacture suggest replacing refrigerator water filters every 3-6 months

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FILTER FEATURES: Least expensive choice to pricey substitutes Can provide blank, transparent water that appears and tastes nice Will get rid of or cut back Chlorine, Tastes and Odors that can be provide on your consuming water Designed to supply as much as six months of Existence or 300 gallons Does no longer get rid of minerals that may be advisable to well being The one fridge clear out to incorporate an accompanying tube of unique o-ring lubricant to make sure a leak-unfastened seal! This clear out must no longer be used with water that may be microbiologically dangerous or of unknown high quality, with out good enough disinfection sooner than and or after the clear out. This clear out has been examined by way of a third celebration towards ANSI/NSF Same old 42 for the aid of Chlorine, Tastes and Odors. Go with the flow Charge: .5 gpm/1.9 lpm Working Temperature: 33 – 100F (zero.6C – 38C) Min Working Power: 30 psi – (207 kPa) Max Working Power: 100 psi – (689 kPa) Existence: 6 months or 300 gallons (1,136 liters) Suitable For: AP4444333 CF6 CLCH103 DA29-00003 DA29-00003A DA29-00003A-B DA29-00003B DA29-00003D DA29-00003F DA29-00003G DA61-00159 DA61-00159A DA61-00159A-B DA61-159 DA97-06317A DWF-eleven FMS-1 HAFCU1 HAFCU1/XAA HAFIN2 HAFIN2/EXP HDX RB195BSSB RB215BSBB RB215BSSB RF263AEBP RF263AEPN RF263AERS RF263AEWP RF263AFBP RF263AFRS RF263AFWP RF265AABP RF265AARS RF265AASH RF265AAWP RF265ABBP RF265ABPN RF265ABRS RF265ABWP RF265ACBP RF266AABP RF266AARS RF266AASH RF266AAWP RF266ABBP RF266ABPN RF266ABRS RF266ABWP RF266ADPN RF266ADRS RF266AEBP RF266AEPN RF266AERS RF266AEWP RF266AFRS RF266AZRS RF266AZWP RF267AABP RF267AARS RF267AASH RF267AAWP RF267ABBP RF267ABPN RF267ABRS RF267ABWP RF267ACBP RF267ACRS RF267ACWP RF267AEBP RF267AEPN RF267AERS RF267AEWP RF267AFBP RF267AFRS RF267AFWP RF267AZPN RF267AZRS RF267AZWP RF267HERS RF268ABBP RF268ABPN RF268ABRS RF268ABWP RF268ACPN RF26DEPN RF26VABBP RF26VABPN RF26VABWP RF26VACBP RF26VACPN RF26VADWP RF26XAEBP RF26XAEPN RF26XAERS RF26XAEWP RF26XAZBP RF26XAZWP RF28HDEDPBC RFC-P02 RFC0200A RFG237AABP RFG237AAPN RFG237AARS RFG237AAWP
NSF 42 – Filters assembly NSF 42 are qualified to scale back aesthetic impurities, comparable to chlorine and unsightly tastes/odors.
Recover tasting water and ice
Manufacture counsel changing fridge water filters each three-6 months
Top class water filters and an inexpensive worth
Suitable with Samsung and lots of different manufacturers

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