LG replacement water filter LT500P, 5231JA2002-A, 5231JA2002, 5231JA2002A-S 100% recyclable, and made in U.S.A. and Canada SGF-LA22 (2 Pack)

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Reduces chlorine taste odor (CTO), volatile organic compounds (VOC), cyst, atrazine, asbestos, mercury, and lead.
By Americans for Americans. Made in USA. Buyers beware of counterfeiters, always buy from a Swift Green Filters authorized dealer or distributor.
High-quality, eco-friendly water filter(s) produced by the leading brand in environmentally friendly water filter products

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We intention to provides you with the cleanest and healthiest water filtration for your own home and trade Via ensuring the fabrics we use in our merchandise are environmentally mindful even as being value efficient. We’re the Inexperienced choice to the traditional Clear out. Our activated carbon is produced the use of a brand new generation that carbonizes dried coconut shells in an enclosed self-maintaining gadget. This procedure captures and converts the emissions into helpful thermal power. We provide numerous filters which can be appropriate with all top logo fridges. Coconuts are a renewable and sustainable supply of charcoal. Grown in over 80 nations, coconuts have a complete manufacturing of 61 million lots in line with yr. All the ones husks are being tossed or burned as waste! We take the ones husks and use them to create the charcoal for our carbon filters. Coconut carbon is awesome to different resources of activated carbon. It has 50% extra micro-pores for shooting contaminants. For more info please seek advice from the Quick Inexperienced Site Site. Quick Inexperienced Filters SGF-LA22 Fridge Water Clear out made in USA and Canada REPLACEMENT FOR: LG: LT700P , LT-700P , LT700-P ,LT700, 04609690000, 09690, forty six-9690, 469690, ADQ36006101, ADQ36006101-S, ADQ36006101S, ADQ36006102, ADQ36006102-S, ADQ36006102S • Reduces chlorine style • Reduces sediment, dust and rust • Clear out Capability CTO: 3000 gallons • Amendment Frequency: 6 months • Waft Charge: 0.5 gpm • Working Power: 20-one hundred psi • Temperature Score: 33-one hundred° F • Clear out Packages: Sediment, dust and rust, chlorine style and scent • Clear out Media: Coconut Shell Carbon Block • Certification: WQA Gold Seal
Reduces chlorine style scent (CTO), unstable natural compounds (VOC), cyst, atrazine, asbestos, mercury, and lead.
Via American citizens for American citizens. Made in USA. Patrons watch out for counterfeiters, all the time purchase from a Quick Inexperienced Filters licensed broker or distributor.
Top of the range, eco-pleasant water Clear out(s) produced Via the top logo in environmentally pleasant water Clear out merchandise
Produced the use of coconut carbon, which comprises 50% extra micropores for lowering contaminants, offering cleanser, more fit, and higher-tasting ingesting water
Certification: WQA Gold Seal qualified


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