Aqua Fresh Replacement Water Filter for Kitchen Aid KFCO22EVBL Refrigerators

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Aqua Fresh Replacement Water Filter for Kitchen Aid KFCO22EVBL Refrigerators Price: $30.20 (as of 18/10/2021 09:46 PST- Details)

* EASY TO FIT: Designed to fit the original with Twist and lock Design. No tools required
* AFFORDABLE OPTION: Costs less than OEM filters without compromising any quality or flow rate
* CERTIFIED QUALITY: All Aquafresh Filters are tested and certified by IAPMO to NSF Standard 42 for Structural Integrity, Materials Safety, Chlorine taste, odor reduction and System performance. Quality you can taste!


Amana: WF50 WF51 WF50-NI300 WF50-KNI300 WF50-NI500 WF50-WI500 WF50-KWI500 Kenmore: forty six-9005 9005 9005P forty six-9006 9006 9006P 469992 9992 9992P 469005750 469005-750 469006750 4609005000 4609006000 Maytag: UKF8001 UKF8001AXX UKF8001-750 8001P UKF8001AXXP 67002269 67002671 67003523 67003526 67003527 67003528 67003591 67003727 67006474 67006637 12589201 12589203 12589206 12589208 12589210 KitchenAid: 4396395 8171032 8171249 Whirlpool: EDR4RXD1 Viking: RWFFR Suitable With Following Fridge Fashions: Amana: AFF2534FES AFD2535DEW ABB1921BRM AFD2535FES AFI2538AES AFD2535DES ABB2224BRM AFD2535DEB AFD2535DEQ AFI2538AEW ABB1924BRW ABB2224BRW ASD2620HRW ARB2557CSR ARSE66ZBS ABB1924BRM AFI2538AEB AFI2538AES4 DRS2660BW AFI2538AEQ AFI2539ERM01 ABB1921BRB ARB8057CSL AFI2539ERM00 ARS8265BS ABB1924BRB ARB8057CSR Jenn-Air: JFC2089BEM JFC2290REM JFC2290REP JFC2089BEP JFC2089WEM JFC2290RTB JFC2290VEM JS42NXFXDW JFC2290REY JFI2089AEP JFC2290VEP JFC2290VPY JFI2089WES JFC2089BE JFC2089BPSS JFC2089BSS JFC2290R JFC2290REPSS JFC2290RESS JFC2290REX JFC2290REYBK JFC2290VTB JFI2089AE JFI2089PSS JFI2089W JFI2089WSS JFI2089WTS JFX2597AEM JFX2597AEP Kenmore: 50009 50002 72019 57006 50014 72012 50012 72002 76522 78572 50003 77539 50004 76574 78586 79549 78589 78574 77532 78332 57003 78539 50013 76533 78573 57012 58632 76539 Maytag: MFI2568AES MFI2569VEM2 MFI2569VEM4 MFI2568AEB MFI2568AEW MFI2269VEM10 MSD2651HEW MFI2569VEM1 MFI2569VEW1 MFI2269VEM3 MFI2569VEB3 MFD2561HES MFD2560HES MFI2067AES MSD2651KES MSD2641KEB MFI2269VEM2 MSD2651HES MFI2569VEQ1 MFI2269VEW1 MFI2569VEB2 MSD2351HEW MZD2665HEB MZD2665HES MZD2665HEW PSD262LHEZ MSD2651HEB MFD2561HEW KitchenAid: KRFC300ESS KRFC302ESS KRFF305ESS KRFF302ESS KRFC302EPA KFIS25XVMS9 KFIS25XVMS2 KFIS25XVMS1 KFIS20XVMS2 KRBR109ESS KRFC300EWH KRBL109ESS KRBR102ESS KBFS20EVMS13 KRBX109EWH KFXS25RYMS2 KRFC302EBS KRFC300EBS KFIS20XVMS1 KRFF305EBS KF
* EASY TO FIT: Designed to suit the unique with Twist and lock Layout. No gear required
* AFFORDABLE OPTION: Prices not up to OEM filters with out compromising any High quality or drift price
* CERTIFIED QUALITY: All Aquafresh Filters are examined and authorized via IAPMO to NSF Same old 42 for Structural Integrity, Fabrics Protection, Chlorine style, smell relief and Machine efficiency. High quality you’ll be able to style!
* HIGH EFFICIENCY FILTRATION: Activated carbon blocks qualified to make sure contaminant relief for 300 Gallons Or 6 Months, relying On Water Utilization And High quality
* FITS: Amana OWF50, OWF51, Sears/Kenmore forty six-9005, forty six-9006, forty six-9992, Maytag UKF8001, Whirlpool EDR4RXD1, KitchenAid 4396395, 8171032, Viking RWFFR (See product description beneath for entire checklist of Suitable Fashions)

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